The Northman Update

The Northman’s projected opening (March 8) will be delayed.

From the Fountainhead Group:

To everyone who has been patiently following news about The Northman, as you’ll see in the statement below:  The Northman’s projected opening (March 8) will be delayed. We’d like to assure you this is entirely in the interest of our team making sure we are delivering a world class experience from the moment we open our doors.

At this time, we are not providing an opening date, but will do our best to keep you in the loop as things progress. Below is a statement from managing partner Aaron Zacharias.

“It is important to us that every component is in place at The Northman on opening day. Chef Sanders joined our team very close to our projected open date. What he and our staff have pulled together in that short time is pretty fantastic. We know that with this small delay, we can provide our chef and our whole team with the extra time to be sure everything that comes out of the kitchen will match our collective high standards.  We are aware that many of you have been anxiously awaiting this opening. We are confident that once we open our doors, the experience will exceed your expectations.  Thank you for your continued patience.”

Thank you for your support.