Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a big holiday around our office. We approach it as sort of a New Year’s Day (minus the hangover). For us it is a time to resolve to do better; resolve to take an extra step or two if will help save a few precious resources. 

This year Earth Day also brings with it a cause for celebration: Our client, City Provisions, is a finalist in the Sustain Illinois competition in the Innovative Sustainable High Growth Product/Service Category. City Provisions will compete with five other fiinalists for a $10,000 cash prize to be used to further increase their sustainability and to reinforce their pledge to keep their footprint small. Good luck, City Provisions!

If you are looking for ways to mark this holiday in Chicago with your own celebration (and get to know some of our clients a little better…), City Provisions Earth Day Supper Club is tonight–featuring dishes inspired by music. This Saturday (April 25th) the Center for Cultural Interchange is looking for volunteers to help them “adopt” Ohio Street Beach for a Beach Clean-Up at 10 a.m., or if you would like to sample some organic beer, wine and chocolate while learning to be an eco-responsible urbanite, check out Greenheart’s all-day extravaganza: Living La Vida Verde.

Whatever you do to celebrate our favorite holiday, just rememeber small changes can really add up to much, much more!