Salas kicks off a two-month-long exhibit at The Rangefinder Gallery in River North

“Cuba-Photographs of an Era,” an exhibit featuring a collection of images made by Roberto Salas and his father Osvaldo Salas will open in Chicago on May 5, 2017. The unique two-month-long exhibit is presented by The Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera, a gallery dedicated to un-retouched film and digital photographs from the legendary Leica camera, and Complete Cuba.

This collection showcases intimate views of Fidel Castro and his 26 July Movement!

As Fidel Castro and the Revolution movement hid in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, just before taking power in January 1959, Salas enjoyed privileged access to Castro and his people. This access continued for many years afterward—resulting in a stunning portrait of Cuba and Castro in one of the country’s most tumultuous eras through the eyes of a photographer and his Leica camera. In addition to these iconic images, the exhibit will also include a number of Mr. Salas’ more recent works made in and around Havana, Cuba.

“Roberto Salas is a wonderful storyteller as well as an influential and important photographer,” says Dan Tamarkin, owner of The Rangefinder Gallery. “His stories are every bit as fascinating as these historic images themselves. Recently, as Cuba has returned to the political and socio-economic spotlight for Americans there is renewed interest in the country and its people. Roberto Salas offers a living history of Cuba and the Revolution. He clearly enjoys sharing his experiences and we are fortunate to have him here in the United States for a brief visit to Chicago and to The Rangefinder.”


May 4:  Mr. Salas will hold an Artist Talk & Dinner at Cruz Blanca (904 W. Randolph St.) from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.  The event will feature a Rick Bayless menu and craft beers from one of the city’s hottest new breweries. Complete Cuba’s Keith Sbiral will moderate the hour-long discussion. The event offers attendees the opportunity to meet Mr. Salas in an intimate setting.

Tickets ($80 each) can be purchased through the gallery by calling 312-642-2255 or emailing [email protected]

May 5, Opening Night Reception for “Cuba – Photographs of an Era” at The Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera (300 W. Superior St.) from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.  No tickets are needed for the Opening Night Reception at the gallery and the artist will attend.

Tamarkin Camera and The Rangefinder Gallery

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